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What your customer sees

To submit a return, your customer just enters their email address and order number. After following the on-screen steps, they print the shipping label, and pack the return back into the original box.

This is all done through your store website. No need for the customer to to contact support.

Your store dashboard

Feature One

(Screenshot: Return policy configuration)
  • Define your own shipping policies for refunds, replacements, and credits.
  • Customize your list of common return reasons.
  • Set up email triggers so that your customers are automatically notified of their return's status.

Returns List

(Screenshot: Active returns dashboard)

As a store owner, you'll have access to a dashboard that allows you to quickly see which orders need your attention. The app has been designed to help you establish an effective workflow for your returns.

  • Keep organized with a list of returns.
  • Set the status to keep track of the return's stage in the process.
  • Sortable columns, and exportable data so you can create your own reports.


(Screenshot showing Edit options)

Along with automatic returns, the app provides options for manually creating and editing RMAs.

  • Ability to create returns manually for customers that contact you through phone or email.
  • Edit returns if customers change their minds or make a mistake.
  • Automatic USPS Commercial Plus pricing.

Steps to Get You Started

Install the App

Head over to the Shopify App Store and click on the "Get" button.

Sign up to Easypost

Your Easypost account handles the postage for your prepaid labels. Set up your billing info, copy and paste the provided production API key into the app.

Configure the Automated RMAs and Returns App

Enter your shipping information, return policy, and email settings, then paste the the provided client side code into a page on your site.