Where do I put my or Endicia account info?
You will not need a postage account for this app. We utilize Easypost for creating the shipping labels. You just need to set up an account with them. There are no monthly fees, and they automatically provide Commercial Plus rates with USPS. You can also use your UPS or FedEx accounts for your pre-negotiated rates.

Which carriers do you support?
We currently support shipping carriers in the United States and Canada. We can enable support for more carriers, just email us with your request. The app automatically compares prices and chooses lowest cost postage for your customer. A full list of supported carriers is available here.
If there is a country you'd like us to add let us know. We add features based on demand.

How are shipping costs calculated?
We take the product weight you have entered in your store, and the dimension of the shipping box you have configured in the app to calculate the cost of the label. Each label will be billed by Easypost.

What about international returns?
International shipping labels are expensive, so we don't allow them to be generated automatically. Instead, we present your international customer with a contact form. As a store owner, you can create a return manually, but a shipping label will not be generated.

My customer is trying to return a discontinued product, but it's not working, what's up with that?
If you are no longer carrying an item, hide it instead of deleting it. This will let your customer still return discontinued items.